The story of citizen science and crowdsourcing

Download The benefits of citizen science Citizen science has many benefits over other research methods and should be seen as a powerful enabler and augmenter for the scientific process. Also, when humans are involved, there is the possibility of achieving significant positive social outcomes through civic education and participation. Individual contributors benefit from enhanced topical […]

Who can be a citizen scientist?

Anyone can be a citizen scientist, regardless of where they are from. It does not matter how old they are or what their background is. All it takes is some time, curiosity, and a sense of wonder. Even if in a citizen-science project participants are typically engaged in collecting data, for example data about species […]

How will citizen science affect the future of scientific research?

Here examples are provided of how citizen science can contribute to the future of scientific research and to productivity gains achieved by adopting new technologies with an emphasis on outputs. Scientific inquiry conducted following a citizen-science approach benefits science productivity and participants through diverse mechanisms. Citizen-science projects are currently predominantly led by scientists, with members […]

What is citizen science?

By involving members of the public in authentic scientific inquiries, citizen science supports testing new concepts, accelerating discovery, involving a broader cohort of people in addressing socio-environmental challenges, and creating a more informed and active society. Citizen science is a form of scientific inquiry where members of the general public engage in scientific investigations, often […]