Citizen science is a form of scientific inquiry where members of the general public engage in scientific investigations, often in collaboration with or under the direction of professional scientists and scientific institutions, measuring samples, analysing data using a variety of qualitative and quantitative tools, interpreting data, drawing inferences and conclusions, and disseminating results.

Our community is open to anyone interested in citizen science - our vision for the platform is to encourage the democratization of science via the wide establishment and appreciation of citizen science approaches across Europe.

On the platform you can browse and search for resources that are useful for planning and running citizen science projects, training resources and materials about the practice of citizen science, and citizen science projects to learn from the experience of others and collaborate. There is a section named TOOLKIT that offers the possibility to build your own project site and the Web App to start to collect data.

Yes, we actively encourage all members of the community to create a profile for citizen science projects and resources on the platform. To create a profile, you will first need to sign up and log in to the platform and then select the appropriate form via the submit button in the different sections

When a resource is submitted, it will be forwarded for moderation to the platform moderator, and marked as ‘not yet moderated’ on the platform. The first criterion that the moderator will look for, is that you have described the citizen science aspects of your project, or described the way in which your resource is relevant to citizen science.

Resources will be assessed further against a range of specific criteria to ensure that they are easy to access, implement and adapt, well structured, clearly described and written in clear language, and ideally improve or support the desired impact of the initiative (e.g. on science, policy or society, etc.).

Yes. You can go to [https://moodle.eu-citizen.science/]. Signing up is fairly easy. Once registered, go to "Site home". There you can find the MOOC "Introduction to Citizen Science", which is open access and free. It should be what you need.